I was born in Tel Aviv on: 27/05/67
When I was young aged 17 i was injured in a motorcycle accident and after the accident I became disabled
Sitting in a wheelchair and quadriplegic,
The injury changed the course of my life,
Two years after the accident I studied computer graphics with special accessories .
In 91 I started to paint with my mouth and I was accepted as a member of the painters of the mouth and the international leg .
In 1996-2000 I studied painting and drawing at the college of Art in Ramat Hasharon and Beit Berl College in Kfar – Saba .
And upon graduation I received a certificate of a qualified instructor drawing and painting from the Ministry of Education.
Today I dedicate all my time to painting and studio work ,
And I also lectures in schools to students on road accidents ,
And tell them the dangers on the roads and of course my injury
and how I have reclaimed my life In painting and through my work in the studio.
Until now, my paintings exhibited in solo ,
Pais(lottery)centers , matnas and galleries all over the country
Thank you,
Ronen Arglzi
Mobile – 052-2529600
Phone – 03-6313793